Sunday, May 31, 2020

Kodoeba #1 - Participants

Kodoeba is about to start and we are happy to present you our 27 participants!

We have 13 participants who will be working on an external project, that is a project which will be using Tatoeba's data.

We have 14 participants who working on internal code, which means they will be contributing the source code of the website.

External projects

  • arademaker and CristianancExploring Tatoeba for wordnet expansion and evaluation.
  • diegohn - Flashcard app with Tatoeba sentences.
  • hugokawamata - Native mobile app that teaches Japanese holistically by providing context at every stage of learning and by teaching multiple aspects of the language at once.
  • jacopofar - Online cloze deletion tool focused on grammar.
  • jjmountain - Translation game for Japanese students learning English.
  • jonnyk - Web app to create flashcards in bulk using Tatoeba sentences.
  • Jpec - Implementation of exercise with dialogs in mobile app for learning Japanese.
  • lbdx - Improve tool listing unrepresented words in Tatoeba and develop Python library to easily download and process the Tatoeba corpus.
  • quielin and adaycito - Mobile Tatoeba Viewer.
  • sideral - Multilingual semantic sentence search.
  • xiuyuan - Web app for searching Chinese sentences via hanzi, pinyin or English.
We will try to update you weekly on the progress of the various projects.

Internal code

You can follow the the internal code activity by checking our pull requests as each participant will be solving issues by submitting pull requests.

We wish everyone happy coding!

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