Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tatoeba update (February 28th, 2015)

Top menu

  • The icons in the top menu have been updated.
  • The "Random sentence" under the "Browse" menu item has been moved to the 1st position in the list.


  • The page that lists all the tags has now pagination.
  • The tags can be sorted by name and by count.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tatoeba update (February 21st, 2015)

Sentences translation feature

The design of the translation form has been reviewed.
  • Labels have been added for each input field.
  • The buttons have been styled to match the ones in the comments form.
  • The corresponding language icon is displayed next to the dropdown list when selecting a language.

Sentences edit feature

  • Clicking on a sentence will no more open the edit form.
  • An "edit" button has been added next to the "translate" button.
  • The button is displayed only on sentences that you can edit.
  • If the sentence has audio, the edit button will displayed but disabled. You cannot edit sentences that have audio.
  • The buttons have also been styled to match the ones in the comments and the position of the textarea has been fixed (it used to appear one line below, instead of appearing where the sentence text is).


  • The shortcuts to navigate to the previous or next page (Ctrl + arrow key) are no more triggered when typing in a message.
  • The logo has slightly changed. We now have an SVG version of the logo.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tatoeba update (February 14th, 2015)

User interface

  • On pages with pagination, such as the Wall, you can navigate to the previous or next page with [Ctrl + →] or [Ctrl + ← ]. Note: on Mac it's [Ctrl + Shift + arrow key].
  • The "Browse" item in the top menu does not link to a random sentence anymore. We have added instead a sub-item ("Random sentence") for this purpose. This should make the sub-menu accessible for most people using a mobile device.
  • The icon that indicates whether a Chinese sentence is written with simplified or traditional characters has been restored. This icon has also been added for Cantonese and Shanghainese.
  • We fixed an issue where CJK characters were not displayed with the correct glyph.

Users can deleted their own sentences

Anyone can now delete their own sentence, if (and only if) it doesn't have any translation.
You will not need to ask a corpus maintainer to delete your sentences anymore, when you have added a sentence by mistake.


  • When a sentence is tagged 'OK', the tag is removed when the sentence is modified. Note: if you are editing a sentence from the sentence's page, you may notice that the tag remains even after you have edited it. This is normal. You will need to refresh the page to see it disappear.
  • In some situations, logging in systematically redirects to the homepage. We changed the redirection to lead instead to the last page viewed before attempting to log in.
  • Email notifications subjects are now encoded properly.

Wall messages re-imported

The Wall messages that were lost during a server crash have been re-imported.

Google Summer of Code 2015

We are preparing to apply as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2015. We will submit our application some time this weekend, and we will know on March 2 if we are accepted or not.

Even if we are not yet officially part of GSoC 2015, a wave of students already started contacted us. Some of them have even contributed code that has been released:
  • the keyboard shortcuts to navigate from page to page
  • the "Random sentence" sub-item in the menu
  • the clickable arrow icon in the search bar, to swap languages (released last week)
And there's more to come :)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tatoeba update (February 7th, 2015)


  • It's now possible to search words with the dot, comma and apostrophe symbols in Lojban.
  • There is no more distinction between half-width and full-width characters. Searching half-width characters (for instance 10) and full-width characters (for instance 10) will return the same results. This  covers Japanese kanas, Korean hangul, and Latin alphabet.
  • Non-CJK words are now searchable in sentences of CJK-based languages.
Note: The full/half-width and non-CJK searches modifications are not applied yet. They will be applied tomorrow when the corpus is fully re-indexed.

UI fixes and improvements

  • Clicking on the arrow in the search bar will swap the "from" and "to" languages.
  • Pressing enter when adding a sentence while using an IME will no more submit the sentence.

Wall messages lost in crash re-importation

A while back we had a crash where all the messages on the Wall got lost. We had some backup but the data in the backup was not structured in a way that would enable an easy restoration of the messages.

Gillux worked on a way to reimport them and the script is now ready. It is not scheduled yet, but you should be aware that Tatoeba will be under maintenance for a short time (around half an hour) when we reimport the messages.