Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tatoeba update (July 24rd, 2013)

This is only a small update but I would like to mention here as well some useful information for people who would want to get more involved. But first, about the update.

Restriction on private messages for new users
Users who are registered for less than two weeks can now only send 5 private messages per day. This is meant to prevent spam.
Just in case you are wondering, we don't have a "report spam" feature for now, so if you happen to receive spam, the best way to report it is to send a private message to an admin.

A simpler way to refer to sentences in comments
When writing a comment on a sentence, if you would like to refer to another sentence, you can now use the syntax [#id], where id is the sentence id. It will automatically create a link to the corresponding sentence. For instance, instead of writing:
This sentence is similar to
You can write:
This sentence is similar to [#1860660]

And now for people who want to get more involved.

1. We're going to try to keep this tickets page as up-to-date as possible. It contains the various feature requests, bug reports, and other todo's that we would have to work on. If you would like to request or report something, you may want to check the page first to see if it hasn't been requested or reported already.

2. There is an article in the wiki for those who would like to help out with the development of Tatoeba. I wrote some months ago that we need people to help us maintain and improve Tatoeba, and we still do. We always will, actually. But back when I wrote the post, I guess most people didn't have a clear idea of what they could do to help. Hopefully the guide will help solve this issue.

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