Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tatoeba day #4 (Mar 26th, 2011)

Tatoeba day #4 is scheduled on Saturday, March 26th. As usual, it will start at 00:00 and will end at 23:59, France time.

The theme

The theme for this 4th Tatoeba day will be... exploration!

It's a bit experimental. I have no idea how well it's going to work, but it's worth trying out :) The idea is to have everyone explore the corpus in search of the "best" sentences in Tatoeba. There will be 3 categories.
  1. Funny sentences. Sentences that make you laugh.
  2. Inspiring sentences. Sentences that make you want to change the world.
  3. Other sentences. Sentences that don't fit in the 2 previous categories but are interesting enough to be worth mentioning.

The rules

Each participant can create 3 types of lists. Each list must be named the following way:
  1. [TD4] Funny sentences (lang)
  2. [TD4] Inspiring sentences (lang)
  3. [TD4] Other sentences (lang)
Replace "lang" by the ISO code of the language. For instance, if it's a list of Swedish funny sentences, the name of the list would be: [TD4] Funny sentences (swe).

You have the right to create lists in more than 1 language. So you can have a list of funny Swedish sentences, a list of funny Hungarian sentences, a list of funny Hindi sentences. Same thing for inspiring sentences and for other sentences. However, you don't have to create a list in all the categories. You can only create lists of funny sentences if you only want to work on funny sentences.

Each list you create must have precisely 10 sentences. No more, no less. Do NOT create two lists with the same language and category. If you have found more than 10 sentences for a specific list, you will have to pick your 10 favorite ones. If you have found less than 10 sentences, you will have to hunt for more, or come up with your own sentences, or seek inspiration in other people's lists (because anyone can view the content of every list, whether they are public or not).

N.B. Do not set your lists as "public. Public lists are lists that ANYONE can modify (i.e. add or delete sentences from the list). Non-public lists are only not editable by others.

Deadline and results

You can start creating your lists as soon as you have read this announcement. You have until the end of Tatoeba day to fill up your lists. Anything you add or remove after that will not be taken into account. To make my life easier, please make sure your lists are named properly, and make sure that other participants lists are named properly!

On Sunday, I will publish the sentences that people have listed, for each category and for each language, ordered by "popularity" (i.e. number of people who listed the sentence). I will also publish stats about who owns the highest number of "best sentences" in Tatoeba :)

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