Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tatoeba is back up, with some issues still

So we managed to bring back Tatoeba, and you have to thank mostly sysko and liori for this. Since the recovery process involved moving to a new server, we have of course some issues to deal with still. I will list here the issues that people have reported and that I have taken note of.

1. Language detection is not working. This is normal. It's one of the things sysko didn't have time to reinstall yet.

2. Apparently some people cannot add new sentences. Right now I have no idea why...

3. The furigana for Japanese sentences isn't displaying properly. It looks like some encoding issue, but I don't know how easy it will be to figure out how to fix it.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tatoeba down

If you were trying to browse Tatoeba but ended up here on the blog, this is not a mistake. Tatoeba is currently down and will remain unavailable for a few more days. We hope to have it back some time this weekend (21st-22nd Dec). Very sorry for the inconvenience!

UPDATE (23 Dec, 00:50 GMT+1)
We currently have a new server up and the necessary data was transferred to this new server. There shouldn't be much left to do to have Tatoeba back, but we cannot work 24/7 on this and we don't know if we may run into some more unexpected problems, so we cannot guarantee the website will be available on Monday. We will keep you up to date if it should take much longer than expected though. Sorry again for the inconvenience and thank you for the supportive comments!

UPDATE (25 Dec, 4:30 GMT+1)
So as expected we had some unexpected issues which delayed us from bringing Tatoeba back up. And as you know this is Christmas and New Year's time, which means we are busier than usual with families and friends. As much as I hate it, all I can say right now is that Tatoeba still won't be back today. We still wish you a Merry Christmas though :)

UPDATE (25 Dec 20:00 GMT+1)
Tatoeba is now back! I have changed the DNS only a few minutes ago so you will have to give it a bit of time before will actually bring you to the website instead of the blog. You can however go to in the meantime.