Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tatoeba update (May 16th, 2015)

Improvements to sentence lists:

* The list of lists can now be sorted by list name, date created, or number of sentences.
* The lists are split into three sections: my lists, collaborative lists, other personal lists.
* Sentences can now be translated directly from any list.
* There is now a pencil icon next to the name of a list. Click on this icon to change the name.
* The creator of a list is now displayed on the list page.
* A sentence page now displays the names of the lists that include the sentence and are collaborative or belong to you.
* All the lists of a specific user can now be found via the user's profile. There is also a "My lists" link on the username menu and on the index/collaborative list pages.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Tatoeba update (May 9th, 2015)

# Plurals #
* Improved handling of plurals in the user interface for languages such as Russian and Belarusian.

# Statistics #
​* The "Sentences by language" page was updated graphically. It still contains the same information as before.
* There are 2 new statistics pages:
** The number of members in each language for each level. This page can be accessed from the menu: "Members" > "Languages of members". Previously, this link was redirecting to a specific language (the one with the highest number of members). Now we can have global statistics.
** The number of native speakers in each language for each user status. This page can be accessed from the menu: "Members" > "Native speakers". The user status icons should be improved to work for color blind people. Suggestions are welcome.

# Miscellaneous #
* Improved furigana for words that start with a kana character.
* Updated the list of donations. Thanks to those who have contributed.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tatoeba update (May 2nd, 2015)

* You can now choose to restrict the list of languages for the "From" and "To" fields in a search query to the ones that you've listed in your profile. To enable this restriction, go to your settings and select the appropriate checkbox.

* The default level for a language that you add to your profile is now zero rather than unspecified.

* Unapproved sentences are displayed with a warning icon. Sidebar text about unapproved sentences has been removed.

* Hovering with the mouse over a tag will now show the name of the user who added it.

* Dynamic button labels that were not localized are localized now.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tatoeba update (April 25th, 2015)

# Redirection after registration:
* Instead of being redirected to the "Help" page after registering, users are redirected to the home page. They are shown a flash message that welcomes them and recommends that they add languages to their profile.

# Lists of languages:
* The dropdown lists for adding a new language, adding a translation, or changing the language of a sentence are restricted to the languages indicated in your profile.
* People who have not added any language in their profile will not see the form to add a sentence or translation. Instead, they will see a message with a button to go to the page to add a language.
* The "Auto detect" option appears only if there are two or more languages in the profile.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tatoeba update (April 19th, 2015)

Language code in URL

All the UI languages now use the same codes as the the rest of Tatoeba. This affects the following languages:
  • Chinese: chi → cnm
  • French: fre → fra
  • Greek: gre → ell
  • Portuguese (Brasil): pt_BR → por
URL's containing the previous language code will redirect to URL's with the new language code.

Users languages

The users languages are now exported into a CSV file. It contains the following fields:
  • language code
  • level
  • username
  • details

Update notes

As mentioned in the last update, I was looking for someone to replace me to write the update notes. Alan (AlanF_US) volunteered to take care of this task.

This will change a bit the organization of the updates. Up until now, the update notes were posted pretty much right after the update was done. In the next updates, the notes may be posted later, or sooner.

If you need to follow closely the changes we are implementing in Tatoeba, you can always follow what we are doing on GitHub, as explained in this wiki article:

We will still need one or two more people for this task. This is not because writing update notes is a huge task, but because we need more people to acquire enough technical knowledge about Tatoeba to understand what we are doing in GitHub, and be able to communicate the changes that are made to those who have less technical knowledge.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Tatoeba update (April 5th, 2015)

Admins can prevent users from adding new sentences and translations

We regularly have issues with users adding inappropriate sentences in Tatoeba, or sentences that don't meet the standards of the project.

To deal with such cases, admins can now disable access to the features of adding and translating sentences for a specified user. The user will still be able to log into Tatoeba, which will allow the admins (or other members) to still communicate with the user, but any sentence or translation that the user will try to submit will be rejected.

If you notice a user whose contributions should be restricted, please contact the admins at the following address: Avoid posting about it on the Wall or in comments on sentences since the user you are mentioning may feel offended and cause us more trouble.

Name of country translated

The name of the country displayed in the profile is now translated in the other languages of the interface.

Looking for someone to write the update notes

I am looking for someone who can replace me to write the update notes that I post every week, whenever Tatoeba is updated (like this one that you are reading).

If there is no one, then there will simply be no more update notes. Users will still be able to get information about what changed for each update, but the information will not necessarily be formatted in a user-friendly way.

If you are interested in taking this role, please send me (Trang) a private message on Tatoeba. Thank you.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tatoeba update (March 28th, 2015)

Users languages

Last week we introduced the possibility for users to indicate their languages. This week, we have a page that lists the users for each language. You can find it under "Members" > "Languages of members" in the menu.

Collapsible translations

You have now the option to hide translations when there are too many. You can enable it in your settings by checking "".

When this option is on, you will see a link "Show more translations" on sentences that have more than 5 translations. Clicking on the link will display the hidden translations.

This option is turned off by default for logged in users because it still needs some improvements. The order in which translations are displayed is based on the language ISO code. It means that the displayed translations are not necessarily the ones you will be the most interested in. The plan is to display in priority translations in the languages that you have added in your profile.