Tuesday, September 8, 2020

A summary of Kodoeba, our first coding event

This year we decided to organize a coding event which we named Kodoeba. The main goal: grow our community of developers.

It was a 10-week long event which was welcoming pretty much anyone who either wished to contribute to the internal code of Tatoeba, or to develop an external project that makes use of the Tatoeba corpus. We didn't have a very definite scope since this was our first coding event and we wanted to include as many people as possible.

We were 5 developers coordinating this event:

We had 27 participants at the start and 16 of them were deemed to have successfully completed the event.

We don't know yet when will be the next Kodoeba, but we definitely want to organize it again. We are happy we could help the participants learn something new and it was a good experience for us as well! We could see the various issues new developers run into when trying to get their hands on Tatoeba's code. We could also see how providing an API will become a more and more pressing matter as more and more developers integrate our sentences into their projects.

So until next time, we shall work on improving the onboarding of new developers and start slowly rallying developers who have been long waiting for an API. Then when the time comes, we will organize our second Kodoeba, where we will (perhaps) finally develop an official API for Tatoeba...? At least that's an idea :)

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