Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tatoeba update (Feb 19th, 2011)

Second update of the year :)

What's new
  • When browsing the profile, the sentences, the comments, the favorites or the Wall messages of a user, you will see a menu that will make it easier to jump between each of these pages.
  • We've added a page that lists all the sentences of a user, but with the sentences options (translate, adopt, favorite, etc). This is primarily to make it a bit easier to translate sentences of a specific user so you will find this page by browsing the sentences of a user and click on "Translate these sentences".
  • We've added pagination for private messages.
  • Last but not least, we've stabilized the language of the interface. If your interface is in Chinese, and you click on a link where the language is set to Esperanto, you shouldn't see your interface change to Esperanto anymore.

What next
  • Improvement of the profile (bigger textarea to edit your description).
  • Link/unlink feature (to be added in the "Contribution" sub-menu).

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