Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stats for Tatoeba day #3

Tatoeba day #3 was about linking.

Just a short explanation for those who don't know: linking is about establishing a connection between two sentences, to say "this sentence is a translation of that sentence".
Whenever a user translates a sentence, the link is created automatically between the sentence and the translation. But there are other sentences that are not connected, even though they are translations of each other, because they have been added separately. This is where we need to link.

Links per user

Our winner is by far Shishir with 218 links! Followed by brauliobezerra with 117 links, and CK with 108 links.

I only counted the links that were made manually, not those who were automatically added when translating.

NOTE 1: in reality, the number of links is twice as much as mentioned here because when a sentence A and B are linked, 2 links are created: A->B and B->A.

NOTE 2: Linking was and is currently still limited to "trusted users" so not everyone could participate to this Tatoeba day. The feature is not very user friendly which is why it is restricted only to users who have a good knowledge of Tatoeba.

Links per language

The stats below include ALL the links, even those created automatically when translating. English is (not surprisingly) the language that was the most translated from or into. Then we have French, German, Spanish and Esperanto, who were pretty much equally important.

Top 20

All the languages
  1. English: 1320 links
  2. French: 537 links
  3. German: 532 links
  4. Spanish: 525 links
  5. Esperanto: 507 links
  6. Bulgarian: 333 links
  7. Japanese: 297 links
  8. Portuguese: 268 links
  9. Italian: 237 links
  10. Mandarin Chinese: 214 links
  11. Lojban: 206 links
  12. Klingon: 153 links
  13. Dutch: 120 links
  14. Danish: 82 links
  15. Islandic: 58 links
  16. Hebrew: 26 links
  17. Russian: 22 links
  18. Volap√ľk: 16 links
  19. Cantonese: 14 links
  20. Hungarian: 13 links
  21. Turkish: 13 links
  22. Shanghainese: 12 links
  23. Low German: 11 links
  24. Tagalog: 10 links
  25. Malayalam: 9 links
  26. Ukrainian: 7 links
  27. Polish: 6 links
  28. Uighur: 5 links
  29. Latin: 4 links
  30. Arabic: 4 links
  31. Frisian: 3 links
  32. Literary Chinese: 3 links
  33. Catalan: 3 links
  34. Afrikaans: 3 links
  35. Swedish: 2 links
  36. Belarusian: 1 link
  37. Vietnamese: 1 link
  38. Persian: 1 link

Next Tatoeba day

Our next Tatoeba day is currently scheduled for Saturday, March 26th. As usual I'll be posting more specific information a week before it starts :)

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