Monday, February 28, 2011

Results for the banners mini contest

We organized a little contest for Tatoeba day #3. For those who haven't been following that...
  • The rules were mentioned here and here.
  • There submissions were published here.
Now the results!
  • 4 people participated
  • 16 people voted

First place: Muiriel (8 votes)


Second place: CK (4 votes)


Third place: Guybrush88 and U2FS (2 votes each)



Once more I would like to say thank you to our four brave participants. Thank you as well to everyone who voted! And of course, congratulations to Muiriel! :D

Muiriel told me that her submission was mostly the text, not the graphical aspect, so if anyone with better design skills is willing to revamp her banners into something better looking, they should not hesitate to do it :) Also, if you know how to translate that sentence into another language, then do it here!

And I will take this occasion to talk a little bit about our next artistic/design contest: I think it's time we start making Tatoeba T-shirts :) More info on that in a few weeks!


  1. At first: congrats to Muiriel!

    In my opinion, a combination of the original text-message of Muiriel with the graphical choice (lettertype, uni-green colors) of CK could already represent a good marriage :)

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