Monday, February 21, 2011

Banners mini contest

To read first, if you don't know about this mini contest:

I'm posting the banners in the order I received them :) Thank you to the 4 brave people who submitted them!

The banners

Banners 1


Banners 3


Time to vote!
  • Send a private message to Trang (and only a private message) with the title "[vote] Banners XXX" where XXX indicates your favorite set of banners. For instance "[vote] Banners 1" if you vote for the 1st set.
  • No need to write anything particular in the body. You should know however that you cannot send an empty message. If you don't know what to write, you can just copy-paste a random sentence from Tatoeba.
  • Only one vote per person.
  • The set of banners who has the most vote wins.
  • The votes will end on Monday 28th, at 21:00 France time. I will announce the winning banners shortly after that.

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