Monday, March 16, 2020

What’s New on Tatoeba? - Your weekly recap #8


The highlight of this update is about the new design. What we call the "new design" is an ongoing project that aims to make Tatoeba usable on mobile, generally more attractive and to solve a number of bugs inherent to the current design. We thought this new design is getting mature enough to be used by a broader audience, and we’d like to gather more real-life feedback from our community. That’s why this update introduces a message over the random sentence block to more proactively suggest trying it out.

Over the last months, Trang has been working very hard on porting features from the old design to the new design, including the "Add a translation" and "Add to list" sentence buttons, and individual lists pages. Thanks to her for the implementation, to gillux and rumpelstilzchen for code reviewing, to everyone who have been testing and sending us feedback, and to Mozilla for financing us. Constructive feedback about the new design is very welcome.

Other than that:
  • Every wall post now have a "Send message" button to easily send a private message to the poster. Thanks to Aiji for the suggestion and implementation.
  • The default sort order of the "View all tags" page has been fixed. Thanks to CK for reporting the problem and gillux for fixing it.
  • A bug that prevented guests from playing audio on indirect translations has been discovered and fixed by gillux.
  • rumpelstilzchen and gillux did some cleanup in the code base. This maintenance work is invisible to users, but it always feels nice for current and future developers to work in a clean place, doesn’t it?


  • CK started a discussion about translations in the same language as original, which turned into a debate about corpus diversity.
  • Thanuir posted a proposal about reviewing sentences in a way that would allow regular members to better contribute to the proofreading effort.


  • 12,207 sentences have been contributed last week. You can check daily activity.
  • A new language was added: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic. This brings the number of supported languages to 351! Thanks to shekitten for requesting the language and providing the flag, gillux for reviewing and Ricardo14 for coordinating.
  • Some of our members helped translating the website (crediting using Transifex usernames):
    • In Swedish: ajje
    • In Norwegian: vikvaering
    • In Kirundi: dorée
    • In French: Rockaround, RyckRichards, gillux and sacredceltic
    • In Spanish: arh
    • In Gronings: MarijnKp
    • In Portuguese: RyckRichards
    • In Russian: fjay69 and sharptoothed
    • In Turkish: Gulo_Luscus
    • In German: Pfirsichbäumchen
    • In Breton: Iriep
    • In Esperanto: PaulP
    • In Finnish: Silja and Thanuir
    • In Italian: Guybrush88
    • In Dutch: 58karel and michel.smts2
    • In Interligua: shekitten
    • In Hungarian: Wydy99
    • In Marathi: sabretou
    • In Japanese: small_snow
Thank you very much everybody! You too can help us translate the website to your language by joining us on Transifex (check our article on the wiki).

If you’d like to help to the development of Tatoeba, report issues, or are just curious, have a look at the GitHub repository.

If you’re especially happy with something, don’t hesitate to personally thank people who participated in this update. Most of us are working in the shadow but we are always glad to hear your feedback.

Fun fact: if we compress the history of the universe (from the big bang to now) into one year, the History as we know it spans for less than 30 seconds.

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