Monday, June 26, 2017

Tatoeba is back

We can finally bring Tatoeba back online, but be aware: things will probably be a little bit shaky for the next couple of weeks.

What happened?

Basically, the SSD of our server died. Last time it happened (back in February), our web host was able to recover the data. This time however, we were not as lucky. As a result, we lost everything on that SSD and had to set up everything from scratch.

On the bright side, we had some backups, so we didn't lose absolutely everything.

On the not-so-bright side, our database backup, for some reason, doesn't contain data past mid-February.

We were still able to recover some data from the weekly CSV exports that we share on the Downloads page, but there's data we won't be able to recover at all. We also couldn't get the latest exports for everything. Some of the CSV files were from June 10, and others from June 3.

So, roughly:
  • Any private message that was sent after Feb 19 is lost.
  • Sentences/translations that were added after June 10 are lost.
  • Contributions made after June 3 don't have logs.
  • Comments posted on sentences after June 3 are lost.
  • The Wall message have not been re-imported yet, and any message posted after June 3 is lost.
  • Users who have registered after Feb 19 will not be able to log in, nor will they be able to reset their password. They will have to contact us so we can fix it, case by case. Or they will have to create a new account.
  • Accounts of users who registered after June 3 are lost.

This is not an exhaustive list. There's a few other things here and there missing.

But anyway, Tatoeba is at least partially usable and we can re-enable the website and see how it goes while we slowly fix the remaining issues. We may have to shut it down again temporarily if there's any major issue, but any further maintenance shouldn't last more than a few hours (hopefully!).

We're very sorry for this incredibly long down time, and we're very sorry we couldn't recover more data.

Thanks a lot for your patience and your support!

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