Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tatoeba update (July 13th, 2015)

** Tatoeba update (July 13th, 2015) **

* It is now possible to set the language of a sentence to "unknown" when the language has been auto-detected.

* A duplicate link for translating a user's sentences has been removed.

* The "Show activity timeline" link has been moved from the home page to the "More" menu.

* The message for the case where no search results are found has been simplified.

* The edit icon for personal lists is no longer broken across two lines.

* Previously, specifying random order for a search without any content would result in a sort by number of words. Now it results in a truly random sort.

* Previously, when a user specified in an advanced search that sentences must be written by native speakers, the results would include sentences by non-natives as well. This has been fixed.

* The latest contributions for Toki Pona and CycL are now displayed again.

* Duplicate lines in the exported tags.csv file have been eliminated.

* In "Latest contributions", sentences in right-to-left languages are now displayed correctly.

* The names of several countries have been made more natural.

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