Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tatoeba update (November 11th, 2014)

Contributions logs

  • The contributions logs have been redesigned. 
  • There is a small additional visual feature: log entries that are obsolete are displayed a bit differently (with a dotted line and grey text), to indicate that there was more modification on the sentence afterwards.
  • The latest contributions page now also includes the list of users who participated in the latest contributions. It is the same list that you would find in the Members page.

New platform for UI translations

We moved to a platform called Transifex to manage our interface translations. Hopefully this will help us build a more cohesive translators team.
For those who were previously translating on Launchpad: we do not use Launchpad anymore. Don't worry, the translations that were made in Launchpad were exported to transifex, so no translation was lost.

If you would like to join the translators team, simply go to this page, click on "Help translate Tatoeba website", create an account, log in and apply to the language(s) in which you'd like to translate. If the language is not listed, you can request it to be added. Once your application is validated, you will be able to submit translations.

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