Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tatoeba update (May 17, 2014): unapproved sentences and other changes

With this update, we are introducing functionality to help us manage sentences contributed by users who ignore repeated warnings that their sentences violate copyright laws or that their sentences are faulty. This is intended to be a means of dealing with offenders rather than a comprehensive means of ranking users or their sentences. We need this measure to protect those who use and redistribute our sentences. (See .)

Admins (and eventually corpus maintainers) will be able to mark sentences as untrustworthy, after which they will be displayed in red and excluded from downloads. Admins will also be able to mark users as untrustworthy, which will cause new sentences contributed by those users to be marked as untrustworthy as well. In this first iteration, there is no means of indicating via the user interface that a particular user is untrustworthy in a particular language but can be trusted in other languages.

In general, if you see a copyrighted or faulty sentence, you should leave a comment on it. Corpus maintainers can delete these sentences after a warning period. However, if you see that a user is posting substantial numbers of such sentences and does not respond to either comments or private messages, inform an admin.

We are introducing other functionality as well:

(1) We now allow lists of up to 100 sentences to be downloaded. When an attempt is made to download a longer list, a message is displayed that states this maximum, as well as the length of the given list. If you want your lists to be downloaded, we encourage you to make them no longer than 100 sentences long.

(2) We now show up to seven numbered page boxes at the top of a list, rather than the five that we previously displayed. This makes better use of the space we already have available.

(3) When a login attempt fails, we show a message rather than simply redisplaying the page.

Finally, we have added Gujarati to our list of languages.

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