Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tatoeba day #3 (Feb 20th, 2011)

As mentioned previously, next Tatoeba day is scheduled for February 20th, which is on Sunday this week. So let's get ready!

The theme

First Tatoeba day was about adding sentences and translations (the main activity in Tatoeba). Second Tatoeba day was about adopting and correcting sentences, also an important but less "obvious" activity in Tatoeba. The theme for this 3rd edition will be linking, an even less obvious, but yet fundamental activity in Tatoeba. This is however more targeted to "advanced users" than new users.

As you may not know, linking is a feature that is restricted to trusted users. That's because it requires to understand that Tatoeba is structured as a graph, and it's not very intuitive. The feature will still remain restricted to trusted users, but if you wish to participate, don't hesitate to ask for the trusted user status by sending me a private message!

Some time next week, I will publish the number of sentences linked for each user and for each language.


For our 2nd Tatoeba on January we wanted to organize a little contest which was basically about creating banners for Tatoeba. We only had 3 submissions, so the deadline has been delayed to this Tatoeba day. I'm re-posting the rules, with a few changes:
  1. Make 2 images with the following sizes: 88x31 and 392x72. You may re-use our current logo in it, but don't hesitate to make another (better) logo if you are inspired.
  2. Send your 2 images to with the title "Tatoeba banners" and indicate in the email your Tatoeba username. I will reply you back to confirm that I have received them.
  3. The deadline is February 20th, 23:59 (France time).
  4. Shortly after the deadline I will publish the banners that were sent to me, no matter the number of submissions. Then Tatoeba users will have one week to vote for their favorite banner. I will indicate how to vote at the same time I publish the banners. IMPORTANT: I don't want people to be influenced by "who made the banner" during the vote so I will not indicate this information when I first publish the banners. I will ask you as well to keep your work "secret" the whole time (don't show it to anyone and don't say "I did this one").
  5. Once the votes are over, I will reveal the participants and announce the winner who will then be venerated forever by everyone for his/her talent :)

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