Friday, April 16, 2010

Tatoeba update (Apr 17th, 2010)

Well, I was supposed to be in Paris with my team at the moment, but some volcano decided it would be otherwise - flight canceled. So be it, Tatoeba will still be updated today.

New server

That's the most important news: we're moving to a new server, kindly provided to us by the Free Software Foundation in France.
It may surprise some of you, but we weren't on our own server until... well, now. We were hosted by Masa (not his real name), webmaster of I have to thank him for hosting Tatoeba - for free - for the last two years. I also have to thank him for giving Tatoeba the (18,000) French translations of the Tanaka Corpus that he gathered (with many volunteers), also two years and a half ago.

Cleaned up sentences

Duplicate sentences will be merged, and the { } annotations that you can find in some sentences will be removed.

Private messages

The private messages look better now :) The private messages system needs to be changed someday though, to be more practical. Some that similar the Wall, except it would be private. However, people do not use private messages that much, so it is not urgent.

What next?

I won't be talking about our update in two weeks (because we haven't really decided yet), but rather for the next two months.
  • As usual, we will be debugging and optimizing our code.
  • We will take some time to reach out to other people. We start having a quite long list of people to contact, and it's time we actually contact them.
  • We will work on improving the profile and the lists.
  • Tatoeba is currently built on a PHP framework, CakePHP, but we will start switching to Django (something we've been considering for a few months already). It's not like we're going to entirely recode Tatoeba. We still have to discuss on how we'll be doing this.
  • And we will move our code source to GitHub (also something we've been considering for a couple of months).

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