Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tatoeba update (August 7th, 2010)

This post talks about changes that were applied on July 26th, in addition of those done on August 7th.

What's new?
  • We are now displaying furigana for Japanese sentences. It previously looked like this: 私[わたし] に あいさつ する よう な 人[ひと] は い ない ...which was not very practical to read.
  • We have added a filter in the comments section. You can now display only comments that are posted on sentences in a certain language (for instance, only comments on Esperanto sentences)
  • We add new languages regularly, but this week, we're adding a quite special language: CycL. This was request by our member witbrock. I'm very curious to see where this is going to lead...
What next?

API. More and more people have been asking us if we were providing an API. We currently don't, but we definitely want to provide an API someday. I can't say when yet, I don't want to make promises, but I'll be posting progresses as they happen.

Copyright. More copyright issues have been raised lately. So I'll be writing a post about it, to try to explain clearly the issues we are facing related to copyright and what you can do to help.

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