Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tatoeba update (August 25th, 2010)

Small update.

What's new
  • Autocompletion for tags. NOTE: tags are still available only to trusted users so this feature will only affect them.
  • Tags are organized by popularity. The number of sentences tagged is also indicated.
  • Changed a little the top menu. There's a sub-menu for the "Browse" section, to easily browse by language, by list and by tags.
  • Changed the position of the search input, for better usability.

What next

I can tell you we're preparing a new shiny version of Tatoeba. When will it be ready is still unknown, but it's definitely not for tomorrow. It will take several months.
If you're interested in beta testing it, feel free to drop a mail at, with the title "Tatoeba beta testing". We'll contact you back when the time comes :)

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