Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tatoeba update (May 8th, 2010)

What's new

Just like the previous update, there's nothing extremely new.
  • You can now add Tatoeba as a search engine in your little Firefox search bar.
  • You can also browse sentences that belong to a specific user, and you can filter them by language.
  • And we did some small UI improvements.
We have been mostly working on cleaning, improving, debugging and optimizing the code.

What's next

You will be able to download lists into a CSV file as well as import sentences into Tatoeba from a CSV file. It was originally planned for this week, but we decided to delay it as we still had things to discuss about in how we were going to do this.

We will first implement these features so we can use them for our "massive validation and correction" process, but of course we will adapt them to other needs afterwards. For instance, it could give users the possibility to download sentences to be used in Anki, as well as to import an Anki deck into Tatoeba.

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