Monday, August 10, 2015

Tatoeba update (August 10th, 2015)

New feature: sentences collection/ratings

 This is a feature that has been discussed a lot, and you can find in the links more detailed information and discussions about this feature:
In short, you can now mark sentences as "OK", "not OK" or "unsure". There are dedicated buttons for it.
When you mark a sentence, it is added to your collection. You can view this collection from the menu under your username, in "My collection".
On the sentence's details page, you will be able to see who marked the sentence, and what rating it was given.

This feature is deactivated by default. In order to activate it, you will need to go to your settings, and check the option " Activate the feature to rate sentences and build your collection of sentences."

There is still a lot of work to be done but now it can be tested in real situations. So please use it and share your thoughts and ideas on how to make it better.

Native owner 

An indicator about the native level of the owner of a sentence is now displayed.

If the owner of a sentence mentioned in his or her profile that he or she is a native speaker of the language of the sentence, you will see "(native)" next to the username.

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