Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tatoeba update (February 7th, 2015)


  • It's now possible to search words with the dot, comma and apostrophe symbols in Lojban.
  • There is no more distinction between half-width and full-width characters. Searching half-width characters (for instance 10) and full-width characters (for instance 10) will return the same results. This  covers Japanese kanas, Korean hangul, and Latin alphabet.
  • Non-CJK words are now searchable in sentences of CJK-based languages.
Note: The full/half-width and non-CJK searches modifications are not applied yet. They will be applied tomorrow when the corpus is fully re-indexed.

UI fixes and improvements

  • Clicking on the arrow in the search bar will swap the "from" and "to" languages.
  • Pressing enter when adding a sentence while using an IME will no more submit the sentence.

Wall messages lost in crash re-importation

A while back we had a crash where all the messages on the Wall got lost. We had some backup but the data in the backup was not structured in a way that would enable an easy restoration of the messages.

Gillux worked on a way to reimport them and the script is now ready. It is not scheduled yet, but you should be aware that Tatoeba will be under maintenance for a short time (around half an hour) when we reimport the messages.

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