Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tatoeba update (June 29, 2014)

  • We now remember the settings you last chose for translating sentences (source language, target language, languages in which to show translations, whether to show only sentences with audio). Previously, we always chose the language in which the user interface was shown as the source language, and we used default settings for the other values.
  • The first two items in the "Not directly translated into" list have been renamed from "None" and "All languages" to "—" and "Any languages", respectively.
  • Language names are now displayed in a more logical order (collation). In languages whose writing system is alphabetic, the new order will group together language names beginning with the same letter, whether or not they are capitalized and whether or not they have a diacritical mark (accent). For other languages, the new order is also more logical.
  • Lists are now identified as "My lists" (editable only by the contributor who is logged in), "Collaborative lists" (editable by anyone), and "Other personal lists" (editable only by a particular contributor who is not the one logged in). This expresses their nature better than "private" and "public", which implied that only "public" lists could be read by others, which was never the case.
  • We fixed a bug where the date was displayed as "Nov 30th -0001, 00:00" when it should be displayed as "date unknown".
  • We now write the correct values for languages to the appropriate table when sentences and translations are imported from a file.
  • We cleaned up the codebase, getting rid of unused files and putting scripts in a more structured arrangement.
  • The website is now HTML 5 compliant. This will enable further improvements.

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