Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tatoeba update (Apr 3rd, 2010)

So this is a pretty important update, with quite a lot of new stuff.


Well I have been saying this many times already, but we now have audio! Well, at least a little...

Japanese & MeCab

We have switched to another software for Japanese romanization, MeCab. Actually, we are not displaying romaji anymore.

Pagination on Wall

We have finished paginating the Wall so you won't have to wait forever to get to read the new messages.

Link/unlink sentences

We have implemented the link/unlink feature. The owner of a sentence can turn indirect translations into direct ones by linking it to his/her sentence. He or she can also unlink a translation, if the translation does not mean the same thing. This feature will not be available to everyone however... Only to a few chosen ones.

Trusted users

There is now a new user status, that we call "trusted user". For now, the only good thing about being a trusted user is that you can link and unlink sentences, while normal users can't. But in the future, we will start by testing new features with trusted, who can then give us feedback so that we improve the features. And only then we will release it for everyone.

Note that there are no specific criteria to become a trusted user. But one very important condition is to have read ENTIRELY the "How to be a good contributor" guide.

What next?

As usual, many many things. But the main thing is that we are going to move to a new server. We recently asked the Free Software Foundation (France) if they could host our project, which is a free project (AGPL license for code source and CC-BY for corpus files). They accepted, so we now have our own server. The migration is scheduled for April 17th. Once that is done, Tatoeba will be (much?) faster - because it is pretty slow right now.

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