Monday, April 13, 2020

What's New on Tatoeba? - Your weekly recap #12


  • It is now possible to download transcriptions. Similarly to other downloads, you can choose to export only the language you're interested in, among those available (Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Uzbek). Thanks to gillux for implementing this feature asked by Lemmi (on GitHub).
  • Lists can now be downloaded into three different formats: raw text (.txt), the default, Tab-separated (.tsv), and as a file that can directly be used with the Shtooka recorder. This should give more liberty to all users that use lists for offline work :) Thanks to gillux for implementing the feature.
  • The "Contribute Menu" now has a "Add vocabulary request" submenu. Thanks to danail-georgiev (on GitHub) for adding it, on AlanF_US's suggestion.
  • The "Delete" and "Download" actions of a list page have been moved to the header, where the name of the list is written (only in the new design). Thanks to gillux for the modification.
  • rumpelstilzchen added some admin feature to deal with licensing issues. Thanks to him for the work.



If you'd like to help to the development of Tatoeba, report issues, or are just curious, have a look at the GitHub repository

If you want to help us translate the website to your language, you can join us on Transifex: and check this article on the wiki

If you're especially happy with one of the updates, don't hesitate to personally thank our developers :) They're working in the shadow but they'll be glad to hear your feedback.

Fun fact: Trying to find interesting, not commonly known, fun facts is difficult.

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