Monday, March 23, 2020

What's New on Tatoeba? - Your weekly recap #9


  • From the Downloads page, it is now possible to downlad only sentences in a specific language. Have a look at it, that's very cool! Thanks to AndiPersti for implementing this.
  • There was a bug causing the displayed number of sentences in a list to be different on the "Browse by list" page (wrong number) and the page of the list itself (good number). This has been fixed, and from now on both numbers should be equal. Thanks to CK for reporting and Aiji for fixing it.
  • gillux did some optimization work in order to lighten some things here and there. As often, that's almost invisible work for most of us, but it's a good thing that it's done!



This week, we can have a look at sharptoothed's details stats :)

This week, two languages were added, bringing the number of languages on Tatoeba to 353! Thanks to Ricardo14 and gillux for coordinating this.
On AqQoyriq_1's request, Evenki has been added

On Balamax's request, Okinawan has been added

If you'd like to help to the development of Tatoeba, report issues, or are just curious, have a look at the GitHub repository

If you want to help us translate the website to your language, you can join us on Transifex: and check this article on the wiki

If you're especially happy with one of the updates, don't hesitate to personally thank our developers :) They're working in the shadow but they'll be glad to hear your feedback.

Fun fact: German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union.

Original wall post on Tatoeba

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