Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tatoeba update (October 17th, 2015)

** Tatoeba update (October 17th, 2015) **

* Sentences can now be added to a list from the list page.
* Language autodetection is no longer influenced by the number of sentences a user has added in a particular language.
* Including the string "@<username>" in a comment will now cause an e-mail notification to be sent to that user.

* The following languages have been added:
** Northern Sami
** Choctaw
** Kapampangan
** Coastal Kadazan
** Central Dusun
** North Moluccan Malay
** Tongan
** Samoan
** Fijian
** Wolof
** Chechen
** Fiji Hindi
** Ngeq
** Sango

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