Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tatoeba update (March 28th, 2015)

Users languages

Last week we introduced the possibility for users to indicate their languages. This week, we have a page that lists the users for each language. You can find it under "Members" > "Languages of members" in the menu.

Collapsible translations

You have now the option to hide translations when there are too many. You can enable it in your settings by checking "".

When this option is on, you will see a link "Show more translations" on sentences that have more than 5 translations. Clicking on the link will display the hidden translations.

This option is turned off by default for logged in users because it still needs some improvements. The order in which translations are displayed is based on the language ISO code. It means that the displayed translations are not necessarily the ones you will be the most interested in. The plan is to display in priority translations in the languages that you have added in your profile.

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