Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tatoeba update (November 16th, 2014)

Link to any sentence

This new feature affects only advanced contributors and corpus maintainers. It is now possible to link a sentence to any other sentence, and not just to its indirect translations. You will find an additional icon in the sentence's menu, which looks the same as the "link" icon next to the translations. Clicking on the button opens a textinput where you can indicate the target sentence.
You can enter either the sentence number or copy-paste the sentence URL.
You can also drag-and-drop a sentence's URL into the icon.

Linking and unlinking refreshes all the translations

There were some inconsistencies with the list of indirect translations displayed after linking or unlinking a sentence. This is now fixed. Whenever you link or unlink, you will see the correct list of indirect translations without having to refresh the page.

Contributions logs

The logs design have been reviewed to take into account the various feedbacks. If you do not see any change, try to empty your cache and/or refresh again.
Note that the date is now clickable and will redirect you to the sentence's page. The sentence will be left as a text so that people can copy-paste it - or part of it - more easily.

We won't implement any option to choose between the new and old design, but for those who are very attached to the old design, here's some CSS code that you can use with the Stylish extension.
Our member CK also has a page about using Stylish with Tatoeba, with some code snippet that you can reuse.
I encourage you to learn about CSS and customize the looks to your own taste, not only for the logs but for any other part of Tatoeba. And if you do come up with something that looks a lot better, don't hesitate to share with the rest of the community!

Search fix for sentences translated into the same language

If you ever tried to search from and into the same language (for instance search "fish" from English to English), you may have noticed that the results includes many sentences that do not have any translation - if you wonder, yes, it's possible in Tatoeba to have two sentences of the same language linked to each other.
This kind of search now only returns sentences that do have translations. So searching "fish" from English to English will only return sentences that have at least one direct or indirect translation in English.

Fixed message not submitted after changing UI language

This update also fixes an annoying bug that prevented people to send comments, wall posts, translations, private messages etc. whenever the interface language was changed from a different place than the page you were submitting from. The symptom was a never ending loading icon that replaced the text you wanted to submit, while nothing was actually submitted.

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