Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hello, team!

Hello, everyone! Trang asked me to write this post to let you know that I'm going to be coordinating between the administrators, the developers and the contributors who form the Tatoeba community. As she explained in her previous post, she and sysko are very busy now with other responsibilities. Thus, they can't be involved in all the same ways, and to the same extent, as they were in the past. However, she will maintain an active advisory role in which she promptly answers the questions that I pass to her from the developers. In turn, I will make sure to relay those answers quickly back to the developers. In addition, as I've been doing for months now, I will make sure that the problems and requests posted by contributors on the Wall make their way into help tickets so that they can be tracked and solved in an organized way.

I will also be working with the developers on ways to make the site robust. We will be documenting and spreading the collected knowledge that prevents problems and that helps us recover from them quickly when they do happen. At the same time, we will be planning how to restart development.

I will soon be contacting people who have contributed to development, or have helped us get back on our feet after problems have occurred, or both. But just as importantly, I urge you to contact me if you can help with the technology on the site, whether or not you have done so in the past. You can always send me a private message via Tatoeba to tell me you would like to get involved, along with ways that you can be contacted and a description of your skills, interests, and experience. (There will be other ways you can contact me in the future.) I'll let you know how the current software on the site is set up and how you can jump in.

I'm excited about our getting together to make this site, which I love so much, stronger and better in every way. Join us in making 2014 a happy new year for Tatoeba!


  1. Thanks for coming back!
    Good and happy 2014 Tatoeba project!

  2. Eble helpos?

  3. >At the same time, we will be planning how to restart development.

    It would be great if you decide to move the sources and the bug tracker to I feel like it could simplify involvement of the third-party developers a lot.


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