Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tatoeba update (Jan 22nd, 2011)

First update of the year! We're adding a couple of new things that will be useful for Tatoeba day #2, which is starting soon :) I'll also mention a few changes that were made at the end of December, but I didn't feel like writing a post especially for them.

What's new
  • There is a page that lists sentences with audio. [change made in December]
  • The download feature for lists is limited to those that have 50 sentences or less. We had to do that otherwise it can cause Tatoeba to be unavailable. [change made in December]
  • The "Contribute" section is now divided into several categories: add, translate, adopt, improve, discuss.
  • You cannot add the tag 'OK' on your own sentences, it will refuse to save. It's more useful to let others tag your sentences with 'OK' because it the fact that you own a sentence already means you are okay with it.
  • The status of users is now indicated in their profile and contributions page.

What next

We will also include in the "Contribute" section a page where you can enter the id's of 2 sentences to link or unlink them. This feature will be restricted to trusted users.

Other than that, you may want to learn about how the next version of Tatoeba is progressing here :)

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  1. Do it again! :) We need more languages and better interface translations! :)


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