Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tatoeba update (Nov 21st, 2010)

Alright, it's been a long time since we last updated Tatoeba :) This is just a small update.

What's new

"Members" page. This is probably the main modification. We redesigned a little bit the "Members" page to look a bit better and to be less slow. We removed the information about the last login, because some people don't like being spied :P We removed the top 20 ranking because that's what makes the page so slow. Instead we're displaying the members who are currently active (those who participated to the few last hundreds contributions).

Tags info. If you hover your mouse over a tag, you will see the id of the user who added it, and the date when it was added. This is mostly useful for sentences owner, who may wonder why someone has tagged a sentence a certain way. You can figure out who's the user behind a certain id with the following URL:[id].

Set language to "unknown". We get requests for new languages quite frequently and we ask people to add a few sentences in the language they request. Except that the language is sometimes misdetected and there was no way to set the language to "unknown" (to indicate that it's a language that is not in the list). Now it's possible. There is an option called "other language", and will set the language icon to "unknown".

Sentence owner's name in comments. It was requested a long time ago, and it's finally here. The name of the sentence owner is now indicated in the comments, next to the sentence itself. This way, when you look at a comment on the homepage, you will not only know what sentence it is associated to, but also the user who added that sentence.

What next
  • We'll be working on a page that lists all sentences that were tagged @change and @delete more than 2 weeks ago. This way moderators will have a simple way to know what sentences they can/should take care of.
  • We'll be adding a page that lists all the Wall messages of a user.
  • And perhaps other random things...

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