Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tatoeba update (Jun 27th, 2010)

What's new
  • Page that lists all the tags. NOTE: It's not organized at all, it's really just for sake of having a page that displays all the existing tags.
  • Page that lists all the sentences in a specific language, with possibility to show only those that are NOT translated yet into a certain language. For instance Japanese sentences not yet translated into English. Useful feature for contributors =)
  • Possibility to filter by language, on the page that lists sentences with a certain tag.
What's next
  • Possibility to import sentences from CSV file. This feature won't be available to normal users. For a start (and I think for a long time), only moderators will have access to it. So anyone who wants to import sentences from a file will have to make a request. Anyway, the main point is that as soon as we have this feature, we will add massively lots of new sentences =]

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